Craftsmen from various Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains are still practicing their ancestors’ ways. These artistic individuals have managed to preserve their grandfathers’ domain of creating, weaving, smithing, adorning, and selling astonishing items.

What’s really heartwarming about their craft is their persistence to use raw materials such as stone, soil, argan-based cosmetics, and plaster. And the results are always mesmerizing. Whether they’re useful, applied products, or jubilant, geometric decor objects!

In Morocco alone, you’ll find that there are over 60 different trades. Using natural material such as wood, iron, leather, copper, and stone, craftspeople of the Atlas Mountains are reliant on their craft to provide an honest living for their families.


Without activities like these, the population of these Berber villages will have no choice but to succumb to impending poverty, which could mean the end of Morocco’s awe-inspiring Souks.

We have been working with Berber artisans since we first established our Studio & Gallery. Not only does that provide hardworking artisans with hard-earned compensation, but it also helps keep these trades alive.

We’re constantly going out of our way to develop their know-how and encourage learning of different domains. Witnessing the Berber community in the Atlas Mountains victorious once more has been our goal since day one — and we’re making progress!