The smartest way to wash the Beni ourain Rug

The smartest way to wash the Beni ourain Rug

First of all make sure to follow the below tips carefully :

  • Prepare and Make sure that the cleaning area is clean
  • keep in mind that beni ourain rug is 100% wool, so make sure to wash it gently using the tide or arial ( must contain color guard option )
  • avoid using any liquid can make your clothes softer after washing
  • Get a 10 gallon of water and put 15 fl oz of tide or arial on it

And now lets start the washing process – getting the rug ready


1 -  first make sure to undust the rug

2 – Put enough water that will make the rug fully wet

  • If your rug’s size is 1.5 meter x1 meter, use 15 fl Oz of tide o arial ( use more if you have larger rug )
  • the tide won’t hurt your rug, but make sure to follow the next process 100%
  • take a very soft brush and start brushing your rug for around 10 min and focus on the dirty spots
  • make sure to use enough water to clean all of the foam

3 - The next step is gonna be giving your rug a nice smell and a softer touch using downy but make sure to scrub it through all the knots and use your hand only instead of the brush


Use enough water to clean all the downy foam

The next step is going to be Drying the rug very softer and to do that make sure to :

  • 1st make sure that there is a sun in the next 3 days
  • 2nd dry your rug on an open base, for today’s tutorial we used wooden pallets

Note : The sun is the best way to dry your rug so please avoide any drying machines

And make sure to keep your rug under sun for up to 3 days ( the period is depends on your rug’s size )

If you followed the previous tips you will have a dry rug like the one down bellow