The 3 tips to do comparison between fake and real moroccan rugs

The 3 tips to do comparison between fake and real moroccan rugs

In Today’s article  you  will learn how to make a comparison between an original Moroccan rug  and a fake one.

The fact that Moroccan rugs have dominated the interior design world since years ago, has made a lot of people start searching on it  to understand it and buy it.

Since Moroccan rugs are so demended now, some people like the original and the traditional Moroccan rugs which are sustainable and have a good Quality and others like the cheap one and end up buying a fake one.

 Unfortunately there are so many companies that produce the fake Rugs  and sell them under the name Moroccan Rugs  which is actually not allowed.
so how do you know if you are going to buy an original Moroccan Rug or like many others you may just become a victim to fake companies !!

All what you have to know is only these 3 Tips

1 -  the material :  very simple but its important  the original  made out of wool sheep unlike these fakes are made out of polypropylene.


2 -  the knots : if you turned the fake moroccan rugs to the backside you will notice that all the knots are equal and perfect and tat because it was done by a machine Unlike the original Moroccan Rugs it's also looks nicely made but their knots are slightly different due to it has been made by berberian woman.


3 -  the company : Be aware from a company that sell many different type of rugs, such Indians Persians Turkish... etc


Unlike the original companies you will find that they sell only 1 type which is their country type.