How Much Do Moroccan Rugs Cost There?

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Morocco is a beautiful country in North Africa that is known for its long past, beautiful scenery, and lively culture. Most people who want to buy something from this area want a Moroccan rug. People all over the world, especially those who love the famous Beni Ourain rug, are seriously interested in these rugs. But how much do these treasures cost where they come from?

A Look at the History of the Moroccan Rug

What Beni Ourain Left Behind

Berber people make Beni Ourain rugs by hand. They come from the Middle Atlas mountains. Because they have simple geometric shapes and are usually shades of cream and black, these rugs have come to represent elegance and wealth.

Boujad rugs are the bright counterpart

The Boujad rug is another important one to note. These rugs are from the Haouz area of Morocco. They have a lovely mix of warm colors and bold designs that show off the rich cultural background of the people who made them.

How to Figure Out How Much Moroccan Wool Rugs Cost

It's important to know that these aren't just any rugs when you look at how much a Moroccan wool rug costs. Each rug has a story to tell, a culture to represent it, and is the result of hours of careful work.
Things that affect the price of craftsmanship: Rugs that are made by hand, especially ones that are woven using traditional methods, usually cost more than rugs that are made in large quantities.
Material: A Moroccan wool rug made from fine local wool will sell for more than one made from a mix of wool and man-made materials.
Size and Detail: Because they take more time and work to make, bigger rugs with complicated designs usually cost more.
Being real: Real Beni rugs and other Moroccan rugs that come directly from tribes or trustworthy sellers in Morocco may cost more than fakes or copies.

How Much Do Moroccan Rugs Cost on Average in Morocco?

Prices can change because of the things listed above, but here's a rough idea:

Beni Ourain rugs start at $200 for small ones and go up to $1,500 or more for big ones or ones with lots of small designs.
Boujad rugs usually cost between $150 and $1,000, but this depends on the style and size.
Other rugs from Morocco: Prices range from as little as $100 for some items to more than $2,000 for unique ones.
How to Take Care of Your Moroccan Rug
After spending money on a lovely rug, you'll want to keep it in perfect condition. Do a light cleaning on a Beni Ourain rug or any other Moroccan wool rug to see how to clean it. Cold water and light soap are great for getting rid of spots. But it's always best to talk to a rug expert or have the rug cleaned by a professional to keep its quality and make it last longer.

In conclusion

Moroccan rugs, like the fancy Beni Ourain and the lively Boujad, are more than just floor covers. They are works of art, works of history, and traditions. There are usually lower prices for them in Morocco than in the West, but they are still a big investment. But if you take good care of them and love them, these rugs can become a treasured family heirloom that is passed down year after year.