Beni Ourain Rug - Finding One That Suits Your Style

Beni Ourain Rug - Finding One That Suits Your Style

Beni Ourain carpets have been in existence for hundreds of years. They remain as coveted today as they were centuries ago. The term "from Ourain" simply refers to Beni Ourain. They emerged from the North African Berber people, who had a plentiful environment.

Beni Ourain carpets are without a doubt the most pleasant rugs you'll ever step on. They're hand knotted and made entirely of 100% pure sheep wool. These rugs are meant for people who appreciate the natural beauty and warmth they offer. 

They truly do live up to their reputation as being luxuries and heaters. This is why European kings and royal families as well as the Middle Eastern royalty have chosen them.


The Making of a Beni Ourain rug:


Traditionally, Beni Ourain Rug was made on a collective basis. Every family would offer up their portion, no matter how little or large it was.

The pile was then taken to the home where it was braided and put on top of the other pile for three days until all of the carpets were completed.

To make a Beni ourain rug, the weaver would first cut off the final pile. The pile that was left behind would be called the medium pile. Then, the weaver would bring out the last layer. 

This layer would be the lightest and it would be used to make the rug. A medium pile rug would be created from each piece of fabric, which would then be weaved together. This makes beni ourain rugs very durable and resilient. Some have been known to live more than a hundred years!

The Advantages of the beni ourain rugs:


Many people are now seeking real rugs. Moroccan carpets may be a fantastic decorating accent in any room of your house. They're often used in living rooms and bedrooms to give a hint of North African opulence. 

They're also ideal for bedrooms since they don't take up much space and appear quite traditional. People like to use them as outdoor furniture, especially around pools or patio areas. When guests visit, they look great and serve as a welcome conversation starter.

Another advantage of these carpets is that they are easy to maintain. Because they are woven, dust does not adhere to them. To keep dirt at bay, they will need to be vacuumed regularly. Manufacturers of genuine Beni Ourain rugs claim that their rugs can easily absorb three to five times their weight in dirt, making them stain-proof. This is wonderful news for families with children who like playing in the carpeting.